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GatsbyJS help CMS sites to achieve

optimal performance

For example, let's say you were building an eCommerce site with a blog and some payments, you could create the back-end from scratch. Or, you could use Shopify for product cataloging, Stripe for payments, Auth0 for authentication, and Wordpress for your blog, really saving you time and human labor costs.

  • It uses modern technologies such as GraphQL and React to create extremely fast websites.
  • You can use it with any CMS that has an API or framework like the major services providers (WordPress, Shopify, Contentful, etc).
  • Its plugin ecosystem allows a website to obtain data from a variety of sources and can have dynamic content.
  • It has a large number of functionalities that are traditionally processed in the back-end, now it is carried out in the user's browser.


Progressive web application

Best practices out of the box

SEO optimization

Some of the fantastic features GatsbyJS provides includes:

The JAMstack approach can also improve the SEO and security performance of your application.

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