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We bring opportunities to talented individuals from Latin america and help them to achieve their dreams.

We do this by providing them training and a job opportunity, increasing their annual income and sustainable wellbeing

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Helen Osman - A woman in tech

I've worked at Soft Dev Team for almost a year already. This company has helped me with various knowledge of tools that I didn't know, it allowed me to study and learn new things every day.

Before I used to work as an application developer and being here at Soft Dev Team, I was able to grow, and change my position to Tester (quality analyst).

With my previous knowledge, and with the help of research I was able to improve my work experience. Out of developing I can now perform automated tests of different applications, using tools such as Selenium, IDE, WebDriver and more. Soft dev Team is a company that not only does things well but helps its team to progress constantly.

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